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How to Check Your Volvo V70 at Home With Coding Software

The explanation of how to check your Volvo V70 car using a computer or a mobile phone at home in detail

Anyone with the right device can read and analyze Volvo V70, with a little bit of training, knowledge and practice you can easily detect most of the problems in your Volvo V70. In this article today, we will learn how to check out the faults on the Volvo V70 by knowing what tools you need to check, where to find them, how to check the Volvo V70 by a computer or even by the Volvo V70 mobile and to connect To the vehicle computer

The car’s computer

There is something that most people do not know which is that cars from 1996, and the newer generations contain mini computers, and these mini computers represent the driving mind in the car, where this computer can analyze and know all problems and failures in the car engine and most other parts. Even more, it’s easy to check your car with your computer or with mobile devices if they are available. So, it’s easier and more accurate to count on the device that can make you find the problems in your Volvo V70 car in just a few seconds, making it easy to keep your routine maintenance.

When does is appear that your Volvo V70 needs to be checked with the computer?

The need to check the vehicle with the computer appears in several cases, the most important of which are:

  • Before you buy a used vehicle, you must certainly check it by computer, and have it checked by a professional.
  • When the Check Engine warning symbol is displayed, which usually has a yellow or orange color with the engine symbol.
  • If you suspect a problem due to erratic or sensing a problem in Volvo V70 car.
  • If a computer memory reset is required, which happens after repairing a specific part connected to the vehicle computer.

How the Volvo V70 scanning device work 

The vehicle scanning device is based on reading the problems that has been recorded by the vehicle computer, and those problems are resulting from a failure of a vehicle engine component such as sensors. As these sensors were previously recorded inside the vehicle’s computer as a software if one of the values sent by the sensor differs from the values previously stored in the vehicle’s computer memory, an error is recorded in this sensor without showing the cause of the failure. That is, it only tells you that there is a particular fault. When you install the scanning device and connects it to the vehicle computer, it reads what the vehicle computer has recorded, and a check program performs the task of translating the registered fault into a code into a language that you can understand.

The required tools to scan Volvo V70

  • the scan Device, or OBD II Reader, called the – (ELM327). This device used to connect to the car computer and there are three versions of this device as needed, which are a USB connection for direct connection to the Bluetooth or WIFI connection and can connect the Volvo V70 with the mobile phone for real-time engine updates on your mobile screen. The original part of this device can be purchased from this “note this connection you can use with most car types” 2-Software for viewing and analyzing these issues and codes and there are many software available on your mobile devices and computer but we recommend the TOAD-Pro Windows OBD Software. The best program in this field is to know and analyze all fault codes, which is not available in the latest programs or on mobile devices and can be obtained.


  • The software for viewing and analyzing these problems and codes and there are many programs available on mobile devices and computers, but we recommend the TOAD-Pro Windows OBD Software, the best software in the industry, where it can identify and analyze all the fault codes, which is not available in the latest software or on mobile devices and can be obtained With gifts 17 professional fault analysis and code programs here.


  • Can read and clear engine as well as transmission codes
  • Compatible with all OBD2-compliant vehicles
  • Tests vehicle for emission readiness
  • Can display live data and monitor fuel economy
  • Supports nine modes of data, including Mode 1 (Analog Digital Gauges), Mode 1 (List View), Mode 2 (Freeze Frame Data), Mode 3 (Current Faults), Mode A (stored DTCs) and Mode 4 all through Mode 9.
  • Supports several OBD2 protocols, including CAN (Bus), CAN (11-bit and 94-bit), ISO-9141, ISO-14230, ISO-15765 and ELM327
  • Can be optimized for touchscreens
  • Customizable dashboard


  • Costlier than most other OBD2 software for PC
  • Not compatible with Mac and Linux

The steps to scan Volvo V70 by computer

Before carrying out the vehicle inspection, the vehicle’s use manual should be consulted for ease of scanning and to ensure that it is properly completed, and after that you should do:

  1. Search for computer exits inside the vehicle that are often under the vehicle’s steering wheel in the footwell, but can vary in location from a second vehicle; therefore, the vehicle’s usage guide is important.
  2. The vehicle’s computer exits are a rectangular cable and has a multi-slot cable, with up to 16 slots. 3. Connect the scanning device link.
  3. Switch on the car switches, so that they are in standby mode, which make the electrical systems inside the car enabled.
  4. power on the Engine, if required, depending on vehicle quality.


  • The connection to Volvo V70 computer

before performing the inspection, it is recommended that you read the inspection device user manual, then:

  1. Find the exit for the vehicle computer, usually located under the vehicle’s steering wheel at the driver’s feet, and its exact location varies from vehicle to vehicle, so read the vehicle’s manual for further information.
  2. You will find the exit as a rectangular plug-in; it has a 16-hole outlet.
  3. Connect the ELM327.
  4. Change the vehicle switch to the ready position, which is the stage that will make the vehicle’s electrical systems on.
  5. On some vehicles you need to start the engine.
  6. Connect the link to your laptop, some devices do not require a computer, but are connected to the mobile depending on the model you chose for the ELM327 link.
  • Reading data

The TOAD-Pro program will display the error code with the explanation of the code and error caused. If you don’t find the code explanation, you can search for it online to find it easily, for example this link contains an explanation of more than 5,000 code.

  • Fixing the errors

Fixing the problem, if the problem is simple in the Volvo V70 car and you can resolve it by yourself do it without hesitation, but if you find it difficult and complex and can’t do it, consult a repair professional. Or go to a designated maintenance center with Volvo V70. Automatically after you have fixed the problem, the “Check Engine” alarm will disappear and the alert readings on your vehicle will disappear.

The errors that can be found using the computer

The Faults that the scanning device can detect are  electrical faults, such as: Vehicle lights- or contact in the cable harness- or transmission sensors- or treadplates- Fuel control monitoring-and the efficiency of the clerical catalyst- and the recycling of exhaust gases- Heating circuits that warm the instruments (heaters) and O2 sensors- as well as the oxygen sensor data.

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